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Breakfast Treats

Malted Flapjacks

Breakfast Treats, Healthier Sweets

An olden golden years treat that tastes like malted butterscotch caramel and has a wonderfully chewy and moreish texture. Made with oats, butter, brown sugar and Saunders’ Malt Extract.

Malted Rice Krispie Bars

Biscuits & Slices, Breakfast Treats, Healthier Sweets

Made using just 3 ingredients; rice krispie cereal, macadamia butter and Saunders’ Malt Extract for a light malted nutty flavour. A fun project for school holidays and great for picnics.

Sticky Malt Fruit Buns

Cakes & Puddings, Breakfast Treats

Dried fruit and spice is such a nostalgic flavour combination and the glossy Malt Glaze make these buns irresistible.

Malted Challah Bread

Breakfast Treats

Similar to brioche, Challah (pronounce Hal-lah) is a sweet-tasting yeasted egg bread that can be enjoyed simply with butter and a cup of milk, but is also fantastic with cream, jam and in bread and butter pudding. The braided design lends to its beauty. We provide instructions for a 4-strand braid. You can make a simple 3-strand braid or knotted rolls, but cooking times will vary.

Blueberry Brekky Smoothie Bowls

Breakfast Treats, Healthier Sweets

A nutritious smoothie bowl packed full of fruit, yoghurt and the goodness of Saunders' Malt Extract. Add extra crunch with our Malt-Toasted Muesli.

Malt-Caramelised Apples with Ricotta Hotcakes

Breakfast Treats, Healthier Sweets

The perfect breakfast in bed or lazy weekend morning treat. Caramelised apples are extra yummy and if you're feeling naughty then serve with a scoop of ice cream.

Malted Onion Marmalade

Breakfast Treats, Healthier Sweets

Perfect for serving with a cheeseboard, adding to sandwiches or, our favourite combination: dolloping on blue cheese. The marmalade will keep in the fridge for up to a week.

Malt Berry Muffins

Cakes & Puddings, Breakfast Treats, Biscuits & Slices

Great as a lunch box snack or on a brunch platter. Lemon Malt Drizzle Icing make these muffins extra special.

Malted Banana Milkshake

Breakfast Treats, Healthier Sweets

Banana milkshakes are not just for the kids!

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