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Savoury Eats

Spaghetti Meatballs With Malted Tomato Sauce

Savoury Eats

Try adding Saunders’ Malt Extract to your favourite pasta sauce and you will never want to go without. For a quick mid-week dinner shortcut IKEA frozen meatballs (beef, chicken, vege or plantballs) work well in this super quick crowd pleaser.

Malted Onion Marmalade

Savoury Eats

Perfect for serving with a cheeseboard, adding to sandwiches or, our favourite combination: dolloping on blue cheese. The marmalade will keep in the fridge for up to a week.

Malt & Beer Roasted Pork Ribs

Savoury Eats

Together again… Malt and beer-roasted pork ribs, baked till tender, then seared on the BBQ or under an oven grill, basted with a sticky malted BBQ sauce glaze.

Malt-Toasted Muesli

Breakfast Bites, Savoury Eats

There's nothing quite as satisfying as digging into a bowl of muesli you made yourself, and this malt creation is no exception.

Malted Challah Bread

Savoury Eats

Similar to brioche, Challah (pronounce Hal-lah) is a sweet-tasting yeasted egg bread that can be enjoyed simply with butter and a cup of milk, but is also fantastic with cream, jam and in bread and butter pudding. The braided design lends to its beauty. We provide instructions for a 4-strand braid. You can make a simple 3-strand braid or knotted rolls, but cooking times will vary.

Pull Apart Soft Dinner Rolls

Savoury Eats

These dinner rolls are fluffy and partner well with soup or just smothered in butter. The “sponge” is a preferment of flour, water and yeast. It’s what makes this bread light and soft even the next day.

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