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Biscuits & Slices

Malted Italian-Style Biscotti

Biscuits & Slices, Healthier Treats

Italian style biscotti flavoured with malt and studded with pistachios and apricot chunks. Perfect to enjoy with tea, coffee… or blue cheese!

Malted Baklava

Biscuits & Slices, Desserts

A malted take on the baklava, using layers of flaky filo pastry, ground walnuts and pistachios, drizzled with a malted syrup for a delicious treat. Perfect for sharing and keeps well in the fridge for up to 7 days.

Macadamia and White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Biscuits & Slices

Baked chewy or crunchy these Chunk Cookies will be enjoyed by all.

Malted Nutty Espresso Slice

Biscuits & Slices

Combining malt, shortbread biscuits, walnuts, sultanas, chocolate and coffee, this crispy no-bake slice, topped with malted coffee and chocolate icing is irresistibly good.

Malted Rice Krispie Bars

Biscuits & Slices, Breakfast Bites, Healthier Treats

Made using just 3 ingredients; rice krispie cereal, macadamia butter and Saunders’ Malt Extract for a light malted nutty flavour. A fun project for school holidays and great for picnics.

Malt Caramel Slice

Biscuits & Slices

Caramel Slice is a baking favourite, but it's made even more delicious with the addition of Malt. Try and stop at one.

Malted Berry and Rhubarb Slice

Biscuits & Slices

A classic slice filled with a delicious gently cooked strawberry, rhubarb and Saunders’ Malt Extract filling, also flavouring the pastry. Frozen strawberries can be used instead of fresh here as well.

Malted Fruit Mince Tarts

Biscuits & Slices, Desserts

A shortcut homemade version of the traditional Christmas treat with the added dimension of Saunders’ Malt Extract. Perfect for entertaining or gifting this festive season. They can be made ahead and stored in the fridge for up to 7 days.

Malt Gingerbread People

Biscuits & Slices

These morish little treats will have everyone asking for more. Recipe makes up to 25 people so there's plenty to share.

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